We’re probably going to see another new LEGO The Mandalorian set next week

Sorry, Han, we’re telling you the odds – and they’re pretty much one-to-one that we’re going to see another new LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 3 set next week.

Over the past two weeks, the LEGO Group has established a pattern of following up the latest episode of The Mandalorian with the reveal of a new set based on the events of that chapter. The first episode of Season 3 was followed by the unveiling of 75346 Pirate Snub Fighter and 75363 The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter, and this week the LEGO Group debuted the first images of 75361 Spider Tank, inspired by the second episode.

The third episode of Season 3 – or Chapter 19 overall – dropped on Disney+ yesterday, and (immediate) history now tells us that we can expect another new LEGO Star Wars set to be unveiled early next week. This isn’t apropos of nothing: the rumour mill has been suggesting for months that 75348 Mandalorian Fang Fighter vs. TIE Interceptor will launch in May, and both those ships featured in the opening stages of The Convert.

Given we’ve already seen one The Mandalorian set arriving on May 1 (75346 Pirate Snub Fighter), it feels likely that if the aforementioned two-pack exists, the LEGO Group has been sitting on a full reveal until the time is right. And – call us prophetic – that time will probably be at 2pm GMT on Tuesday, March 21. (Each reveal has so far come on the first Tuesday after each episode.)

75348 Mandalorian Fang Fighter vs. TIE Interceptor is said to include 957 pieces for €99.99, and at that price point we’re expecting an Imperial ship to the same scale as 75300 Imperial TIE Fighter and 75347 TIE Bomber. The Fang Fighter will probably come close to 2021’s now-retired 75316 Mandalorian Starfighter in size and scope, meanwhile, as that 544-piece set retailed for $59.99 in the US.

CATAPIMBSON LEGO Star Wars The Mandalorian TIE Interceptor Fang Fighter concept 1
Image: Catapimbson

Redditor Catapimbson has already mocked up what might be possible for the two ships within the rumoured piece count, and it could give us a pretty good indication of what we’ll see (if these rumours pan out as expected). What’s less clear at the moment is which minifigures 75348 Mandalorian Fang Fighter vs. TIE Interceptor is likely to include.

With one eye on the events of Chapter 19, Din Djarin, Bo-Katan Kryze, Grogu and an Imperial pilot all seem possible candidates. But the three named characters in that line-up are all included in 75361 Spider Tank, so how likely is the LEGO Group really to repeat minifigures across such close releases? To that end, we could see other characters fill the gaps – even if they’re not entirely accurate or relevant.

We’ll hopefully see one way or the other next Tuesday, as long as the LEGO Group continues its current reveal pattern – and as long as this rumoured set actually exists. The first three Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 3 sets are available to pre-order at LEGO.com now.

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