Four new LEGO Star Wars sets revealed by LEGO catalogue

Thanks to an official Japanese LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at catalogue, we have our first looks at four LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at sets, most of which are releasing on August 1.

LEGO YouTubers Just2good and Ashnflash highlighted the catalogue’s selection of Star Wars sets in videos uploaded recently. The sets include the highly-anticipated 75365 Yavin IV Rebel Base, as well as a battle pack, a Jedi starfighter, and an advent calendar. None of the price information has been confirmed yet, with a few varying numbers currently rumoured.

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The previously mentioned Rebel Base features a large minifigure lineup, with twelve total, ten if you don’t count the astromechs. The iconic lookout tower that rises above the treetops is present of course, and the model also includes a miniaturized Y-Wing starfighter. You’ll be able to get this set for yourself on August 1.

The other two sets releasing August 1, 75360 Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter and 75359 Ahsoka’s 332nd Company Clone Trooper Battle Pack are both based on The Clone Wars. Yoda’s Starfighter is a set we’ve seen before, and this version doesn’t look too different.

The battle pack, on the other hand, is an exciting prospect for collectors looking to build up an army of the unique 332nd Company clone troopers, all with Ahsoka-themed decals printed on their helmets. One of the troopers is meant to be Captain Vaughn, but his minifigure is identical to the others save for an accessory added on to the helmet. The price of this set has previously been rumoured to be rather high, so watch out for updates on that.

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Finally, there’s a very small and blurry look at the LEGO Star Wars advent calendar for this year, releasing on September 1. There are some exciting minifigure inclusions that can be made out with fairly high certainty on the front of the box, including an Ewok, a B1 battle droid, Endor Leia, a Christmas-themed Emperor Palpatine, Omega, and a 212th legion clone trooper. Omega and Endor Leia are both rare minifigures that Star Wars collectors will surely be happy to get in their advent calendars come holiday season.

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    Hello, thanks for the article.

    The Captain Vaughn minifigure is actually slightly different from the other 332nd clone troopers. If you look closely, he has his rank insignia printed on the left of his chest. This will make him a unique minifigure.

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