New Minifigure released Short Circuit

The most awesome Minifigure ever made! well that is what the team at are claiming!! Having seen it first hand the printing is outstanding and will be covering it in a review soon. Here is their press blurb: “We’ve invested Millions of hours into eating doughnuts and drinking coffee, to bring you the most awesome Minifigure ever made (or at least that’s our excuse)! It was totally worth it… but put our suffering aside. We’re proud to announce the launch of Short Circuit.

We’ve taken Minifigure design to entirely new level of awesome; Short Circuit features eye watering detail on every surface of the Minifigure and we’ve even thrown our sense of humour in to the design for good measure.

Short Circuit is a peeled back version of a Minifigure, revealing the sophisticated technology such as a Version 24, Hamster powered central generator. Generating 5 Mega Watts of Awesomeness every second! – that is built into every Minifigure we make.”

Click here to view it and get it now for £12.95


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2 thoughts on “New Minifigure released Short Circuit

    • 17/03/2016 at 10:52

      We made a bit of a ‘boo boo’ we sent our prototype figure to our photographer instead of a production figure. The quality is vastly different to the figure you’d receive (which is better) than what’s currently photographed on the website. The Press figure is a full production figure, so not sure if Richard will be taking his own photographs or not, but you’l be able to see the difference quite quickly.

      If you’re heading to Hong Kong, Singapore or New York any time soon, most of our resellers already have him in stock, so you could see him in person.


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