Official images of the LEGO DOTS March 2021 collection are here

There’s a brand new LEGO DOTS collection on the way in March, and the first official images have now turned up online.

The wearable LEGO accessories debuted in 2020, signalling the LEGO Group’s latest attempt to break into the arts and crafts market. The new collection adds a range of bag tags to the current line-up of bracelets and brick-built home décor items, all of which can be accessorised using printed 1×1 tiles, or DOTS.

A consumer catalogue brought us a first glimpse of the new range back in December, but a Bulgarian retailer has now uploaded official images of three of the four new bag tags, two new bracelets and a new bag of extra DOTS.

The bag tags are all themed around specific animals, including a leopard, narwhal and dog. A fourth tag – based on a panda – was also shown in the consumer catalogue, but we’re still waiting on official images of that one.

The two new bracelets, meanwhile, are themed around music and a cool cactus, with some adorable cactus-print tiles provided in the latter. They’ll join the current line-up of LEGO DOTS bracelets, including 41934 Starlight Bracelets and 41918 Adventure Bracelets, from March.

Finally, there’s a brand new blind-bagged accessory pack to collect in 41931 Extra DOTS – Series 4. Each bag promises 14 surprise charms, giving you an excuse to pick up a few next time you’re down at your local LEGO Store (or to bulk out an order you’re placing online).

You can order the current range of LEGO DOTS products from right now. Support the work that Brick Fanatics does by purchasing them through one of our affiliate links.

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