Playtesting helped LEGO Builder’s Journey become more emotional

The most recent episode of the official LEGO Games podcast – Bits N’ Bricks – dives into how Builder’s Journey almost had one playtester in tears.

Whilst the latest instalment of Bits N’ Bricks saw hosts Ethan Vincent and Brian Crecente exploring the inner workings of Light Brick Studio, a variety of anecdotes and tales from the development of Builder’s Journey were dotted throughout the segments. This included one where a playtester almost cried while simply playing the game. You can listen to the full episode yourself here.

“I think one of my favourite moments was from this spring,” explained Test Manager Simone Okholm. “We were testing the end of Builder’s Journey, and it was one of our last tests before actually launching the new update where this tester, he was starting to get really emotional, and he was almost crying,”

“He had to stop and tell me about how this just reminded him so much about himself as a little kid playing with his dad, and how he was getting really emotional about it because his own dad died from cancer at a young age, and it was just so beautiful for him.”

The game tells the tale of a father and son exploring and wandering through brick-built worlds, always trying to reconnect as the player charts a path from the child to the dad, giving a reason as to why the playtester made such a link.

LEGO Builder’s Journey is now available on PC, Switch and the original version – Apple Arcade where additional content has been added to reflect the changes made to the PC and Switch versions.

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