Four professors we want to see in the rumoured LEGO Harry Potter BrickHeadz

Rumours suggest a LEGO Harry Potter BrickHeadz set depicting professors is on the way, and we’ve prepared four staff members we’d like to see.

The Harry Potter films see many professors join and leave Hogwarts, not all of them on the best terms. Still, it means that the rumoured LEGO Harry Potter BrickHeadz set, which is not officially confirmed by the LEGO Group, might have plenty of choices when it comes to characters for caricatures.

With that in mind and a pinch of salt prepared in case the rumour turns out to be false, here are four professors that we’d like to see as BrickHeadz.

4 – Dolores Umbridge

Dolores Umbridge LEGO Harry Potter

Dolores Umbridge was one of the more controversial professors at Hogwarts thanks to her unusual methods of teaching and enforcing her rules. She’s already getting a new minifigure in 76403 The Ministry of Magic and her signature pink outfit could lend itself well to a BrickHeadz.

3 – Severus Snape

Severus Snape LEGO Harry Potter

Though Severus Snape wasn’t the most welcoming of professors, he has become one of the most recognisable Harry Potter characters but has yet to receive a Wizarding World BrickHeadz. His scowl could be interesting to see translated into a brick-built caricature, potentially with new printed eyes.

2 – Rolanda Hooch

LEGO Harry Potter 76395 Hogwarts First Flying Lesson review 21

Rolanda Hooch taught flying lessons at Hogwarts and she regularly was seen on screen wearing a cloak. It could be interesting to see this character as a BrickHeadz especially since the upcoming wave of LEGO Harry Potter will introduce a new way of building broomsticks.

1 – Mad-Eye Moody

LEGO Harry Potter 76397 Hogwarts Moment Defence Class Mad eye Moody minifigures featured

Mad-Eye Moody’s design features his signature eye patch as well as a few scars. That feature alone could make Mad-Eye Moody one of the most interesting Wizarding World BrickHeadz, especially with the option for an alternate appearance based on Barty Crouch Jr.

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