Rebrick challenges fans to make a LEGO Batman Movie

LEGO Rebrick is offerings fans the opportunity to win a unique LEGO Batman Movie prize package if they submit the best brick film. Although the three winning entries won’t be included as part of the cinematic adventure as fan-made brick films were in The LEGO Movie, they will be included as a DVD extra – still something well worth bragging rights.

The contest description reads:

The villains are on the loose in Gotham (again)! Create a brick film that shows a legendary villain from LEGO Batman’s rogues gallery or your own original villain causing chaos. 3 winners will get the ultimate bragging right — their brick film included in a special extra feature on the LEGO Batman Movie DVD + some amazing LEGO Batman Movie sets and special gifts!

Before embarking on any stop-motion animation, head on over to Rebrick to check out the full rules.


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