10784 Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout — only the second Ms. Marvel minifigure to date.

The upcoming 10784 Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout set includes only the second Ms. Marvel minifigure created to date.

For a comic book character as popular as Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel, it’s perhaps surprising to discover that only one minifigure of the stretchy superhero has been created so far, with the second due in 2022. The fourth Marvel character to take the name Ms. Marvel, the latest version first appeared in Captain Marvel # 14 in 2013. A teenage Pakistani-American who idolizes Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Khan’s version of the character has unique shapeshifting abilities.

When Ms. Marvel’s solo series debuted in 2014, it was a big hit, leading to Khan eventually becoming an Avenger and she’ll also soon star in her own Disney+ TV series sometime in 2022. With her popularity on the rise, it’s interesting to note then that there has only been one LEGO minifigure version of Ms. Marvel to date, which appeared in 2017’s 76076 Captain America Jet Pursuit.

That version included a new type of torso to show off the character’s flexible abilities, with the minifigure having stretched arms and oversized fists. With yesterday’s reveal of 10784 Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout, a second Ms. Marvel minifigure could finally arrive in January 2022 (although this has yet to be confirmed by the LEGO Group). This version of the character will have a new hair piece, face and torso prints, standard minifigure-sized arms and shorter legs.

Although the LEGO Marvel Spidey and his Amazing Friends sets are aimed at younger builders, it’s still encouraging to see a new version of Kamala Khan is on the way. We can only hope that more minifigure versions of Ms. Marvel won’t take so long to arrive.

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