Star Wars Resistance action figures hint at potential LEGO minifigures

Hasbro has revealed the first batch of action figures based on Star Wars Resistance.

Next Spring, Hasbro will launch a range of Star Wars Resistance action figures. While this may not seem like pertinent brick news, the launch wave from Hasbro probably gives big hints as to what the first wave of LEGO sets based on the new animated series will include.

While the series launches in the USA on Sunday, the action figures will not be available until the Spring, Cnet reports. This could make the tie-in LEGO launch April, unless the LEGO Group has managed to get the products together in time for January.
Each of these characters are likely to appear as a minifigure, as typically Lucasfilm will share the same assets and product suggestions with all toy manufacturers when a project is still in development.

In the images below, the following action figures are revealed: Kazuda Xiono, Poe Dameron & BB-8, Commander Pyre, Torra Doza, Synara San, Major Vonreg, Jarek Yeager & Bucket and a First Order Stormtrooper.

The colourful characters make for striking looking toys, and will no doubt translate well into minifigure form too.

Star Wars Resistance airs this Sunday in the USA at 10.00pm ET/PT on the Disney Channel. LEGO Star Wars sets are available now at


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