The Art of the Brick arrives in Manchester, UK

Travelling the world as it moves from city to city, the LEGO exhibition The Art of the Brick has arrived in Manchester, UK.

Until April 20 2020, families can visit The Art of the Brick at The Great Northern Warehouse, Manchester. The gallery is the work of LEGO Certified Professional (LCP) Nathan Sawaya and has toured the world. It is the first time it has been back in the UK since its London run five years ago.

The Art of the Brick displays a series of models dreamt up by the LCP, the most famous of which is Yellow. That sculpture depicts a yellow person pulling open their own chest, with LEGO bricks cascading out.

The Art of the Brick statue

“I like using LEGO bricks as a medium because I enjoy seeing people’s reaction to artwork created from something with which they are familiar,” Sawaya says. “My goal is to elevate this simple plaything to a place it has never been before. I also appreciate the cleanliness of the LEGO brick. The right angles. The distinct lines. But, from a distance, those right angles and distinct lines offer new perspectives, changing to curves.”

An interactive LEGO zone allows children to be inspired by their visit and get hands-on.

Tickets are available at The Art of the Brick website.

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