The Great LEGO Christmas Giveaway Day #5

Welcome to the first weekend of our giveway. I want to give something away today for those who love Frozen, seeing as it’s winter. Yep today’s prize is the awesome Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle. Today’s question should be one all Frozen fans should know. It’s nice to see so many people entering our giveway and don’t be afraid to leave comments on our annual awards as we want to hear your views as well.

Todays Question
The Great LEGO Christmas Giveaway Day #5

Update: It seems people are finding different answers to the question, the answer we are looking for can be found by clicking here. The video that Disney posted with 42 languages is out of date and the song has been dubbed more times since then. Hope this helps and clears confusion up!

Here is a daily recap of how the competition works; For 25 days straight you can win LEGO! Each day at 9:00am GMT we will post our daily giveaway question and the question will stay open till 8:59 am GMT the following day. Then a new question will be posted to win the next prize. On Boxing Day we will reveal all 25 winners. Now, the good news is you can enter every day but the catch is you can only win one prize. So, when we do the draw if your name is selected for a prize it won’t be counted in any other days’ draw. Full terms and conditions of the giveaway are posted below for a list of prizes click here.

Terms and conditions

  • Competition is open to UK residents only
  • You can enter each daily giveaway once.
  • You can enter all 25 days if you so wish but it is one prize per person.
  • You must have a valid email address.
  • You must have a UK address so the prize can be shipped to you.
  • All daily giveaways will run from 9:00am till 8:59am the following day.
  • The daily prize will be revealed at 9:00am along with the daily question.
  • All winners will be revealed at 9:00am on Boxing Day. We will draw the winner of the biggest prize based on UK RRP and work backwards to the smallest prize.
  • All prizes will then be shipped on the first working day in January.
  • All winners will be contact via their valid email on Boxing Day to confirm and then also when their prize has been shipped.
  • Their is no cash alternatives, you can not swap your prize to another day.
  • All prizes have been funded via adverts on this site, or have been donated from LEGO or other 3rd party companies.
  • The judges decision is final.
  • Any questions regarding this giveaway please email me at contact[at]



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6 thoughts on “The Great LEGO Christmas Giveaway Day #5

  • 05/12/2015 at 16:18

    There is a Disney video with Let it Go in 22 languages but that is only 22 ‘of’ the languages it was translated into. It should also be noted that the song was also translated into different dialects in some places meaning multiple translations into the same language. The answer is definitely on the board.

  • 05/12/2015 at 12:52

    I have already entered this, so I can’t change my answer.

    Is the question, how many times was the film frozen the film translated? Or, how many times was the song ‘let it go’ translated? If it is the song then the answer is not there. There is an official Disney video on a certain video hosting site that gives you the answer, and it’s definitely not one of the ones on the list.

    • 05/12/2015 at 12:55

      The question is clear “how many times has Frozen let it go been translated” and the answer is there. The video is out of date, as it’s been dubbed more times since that was released. . Out of 50 people who have entered only 3 have got it wrong so far 😛

    • 05/12/2015 at 12:36

      It seems there is a dispute about this, my source tells me it’s one thing others say anything from 41 to 43. I have a full list of languages so trust me the answer is in the 4 options.


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