The LEGO Batman Movie director to helm live-action Nightwing

Chris McKay, director of The LEGO Batman Movie, is seeing his recently proven understanding of the bat-universe pay off, as reports say that he is set to help a Nightwing movie as part of the live action DC franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter has the following information:

Chris McKay will helm a film based on the DC character Dick Grayson, best known as a member of the Batman family. Warner Bros. is plotting a new DC superhero film based on the Batman-centric character Nightwing.

Chris McKay, who most recently directed the Lego Batman Movie for Warner Bros., is in negotiations to helm the new film, and Bill Dubuque (The Accountant) is writing the script.


Although audiences commonly associate Dick Grayson with Robin specifically, several different characters have taken on the Robin mantle over the years. Within the comics, Dick Grayson is best known as the original Robin who became Nightwing, and even for a time took on the role of Batman.

While having someone with such a keen visual sense and knowledge of the DC universe would likely be a boon to the live-action series, it would be a loss to The LEGO Movie universe, which Chris McKay has been integral in developing the look of since his work as co-director and editor on The LEGO Movie.



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