The LEGO Group and National Geographic encourage creative problem solving

The latest LEGO City and Friends sets are part of a collaborative campaign with National Geographic.

On June 1, the LEGO Group launched new City sets that go under the water and new Friends sets that visit the jungle. The products help to share ideas with children about exploration and the protection of endangered species in the world’s jungles and oceans. To really engage families, the LEGO Group has teamed up with National Geographic for a new campaign.

The campaign will launch on on July 1, encouraging children to explore and come up with creative solutions to real world environmental challenges. Educational content will be published, including stories from National Geographic Explorers including Elephant Ecologist Dominique Gonçalves.

A donation from the LEGO Group to the National Geographic Society will fund grants in ocean exploration and species conservation.

LEGO Friends 41424 Jungle Rescue Base 4

“We know that creativity is an incredible skill, and the 21st century needs all the creative problem-solving it can get,” says LEGO Friends Model Designer Ellen Catherine Lucy Bowley. “Caring for our planet is becoming ever more relevant to kids around the world. They are more committed to seeing positive environmental change than any previous generation, and their creativity will play a key role in finding solutions that will help better protect our wildlife.

“We hope this initiative will inform children of the current challenges explorers are facing and reassure them that even the most simple or unusual idea can make a big difference in the real world. The most important thing is to have a ‘yes you can’, therefore this initiative is dedicated to kids with this exact attitude, children who are curious to learn and make a difference for our wildlife.”

“As a kid I loved swimming and building things – I lived for making soap-box carts and being in the sea! Even on the coldest, roughest days, I would spend hours in the water imagining myself as a diver exploring the ocean. Amazingly, that dream has come true and, as a National Geographic Ocean Explorer, I now lead marine science expeditions to help protect our threatened ocean,” adds Paul Rose. “It’s so cool to be able to share my story with kids all over the world and who knows, by following their own dreams, a lot of them could end up stepping into my fins to help explore and protect our ocean one day.”

While the LEGO Group and National Geographic have collaborated in the past, this campaign is the first time they have teamed up to encourage creative thinking in children.

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