The LEGO Group continues retail expansion in China

Another 80 LEGO Stores are coming to China this year, despite the global impact of coronavirus and measures to limit its spread.

The LEGO Group is planning to significantly expand in China after struggling to find growth in the west, and the strategy is unchanged as a result of coronavirus, CGTN reports. Recently the company launched LEGO Monkie Kid, a theme specifically designed to cater to a Chinese consumer base. The main way that the company intends to make in-roads in China is through LEGO Stores.

General Manager of LEGO China, Paul Huang, sees more affluent Chinese consumers as offering potential new customers: “I think more and more those middle class population, they are looking for quality, they are looking for good reputation of the brand. I think LEGO, we are in a good position to meet the increasing demand from Chinese consumer.”

“She follows the instructions to build models in the first place, afterwards she creates different models of her own ideas. By doing so, her senses of accomplishment and creativity grows,” Zhu Qiuli said of her daughter, for who she has bought 200 LEGO sets.

China’s toys and games market is currently valued at $6.1 billion and is expected to grow annually by 5.2%.

While there has been an impact due to coronavirus restrictions, it has not dampened the LEGO Group’s enthusiasm for the expanding market: “Of course in the short term, that might have some impact in terms of the pace we open the stores, however we are very committed to open 80 new stores in China. We don’t change the target, and we are expecting we are in a good position to deliver our performance this year,” Huang said.

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