The LEGO Group increasingly targets the adult market

While the LEGO Group is traditionally focused on children, the company is increasing looking to appeal to adults.

The adult market is becoming more important to the LEGO Group, the Washington Post reports. “Adults with high-pressured jobs are telling us they’re using LEGO to disconnect from the mania of the day,” Genevieve Capa Cruz, LEGO Audience Marketing Strategist told the newspaper.

“They’re looking for a relaxing, calming experience — and they like instructions because that’s what helps them be in the zone.”

To get a sense of the adult fan – that Brick Fanatics readers are very familiar with – the feature speaks to Elisabeth Briggs, who finds following the instructions to a set almost like meditations.

“It’s fun to zone out and follow someone else’s instructions,” she explains. “It wasn’t until I got older — and had a job and more money — that I saw value in that.”

Brooke Deason launched an event space, intended for LEGO birthday parties, summer camps and youth leagues – but found adults keen to get involved. She found herself offering adult evenings in additional to the children’s activities.

“It’s like a blast to the past, straight to our childhoods,” says the Connellsville resident. “It took me by surprise, but it makes sense: Life is so structured. But with Lego, you can do anything.”

The LEGO Group is now looking beyond the AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) and into the broader adult market for growth, as the recent announcement of 10272 Old Trafford – Manchester United demonstrates.

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