The LEGO Marvel Collectible Minifigures rumours just keep coming

Even more details on the rumoured

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Marvel have emerged online, giving us a comprehensive picture of the accessories to expect in the all-but-confirmed series.

Following yesterday’s report of two very intriguing accessories for a couple of the rumoured Disney+ characters, Instagram user lego_news21 has now shared (via lego_club_news) a potential list of accessories and details for three more Marvel minifigures.

According to that source, Warlord Gamora – based on a What If…? episode that will apparently see Gamora replace Thanos as the Mad Titan – will have printed armour (rather than a specific armour piece), and will carry a double-bladed sword constructed from a lightsaber hilt and two


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Marvel What If... Warlord Gamora 2 copy

The version of Captain Carter said to be included in the

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Marvel (as opposed to the one included in ) will apparently be bundled with a different Tesseract piece, meanwhile, hopefully giving us even more excuse to double up on the What If…? character.

Finally, the series’ Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson minifigures – which are rumoured to be based on their appearances in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier – will reportedly both come with the same Captain America shield.

Between all the rumours that have trickled out so far, we’ve got a pretty complete idea of what to expect from the majority of this 12-strong series of Marvel characters. Click here for a full rundown of the latest Collectible Minifigures series – and while these are technically still rumours, so should be taken with the customary grain of salt, they feel pretty nailed-on by this point.

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