Rumoured LEGO Marvel Collectible Minifigures line-up revealed

We now have source material for all 12 characters in the rumoured LEGO Marvel Collectible Minifigures series, so here’s a first glimpse at what to expect from the alleged line-up.

Should the latest reports on this year’s third Collectible Minifigures series – following 71029 Series 21 and 71030 Looney Tunes – pan out as predicted, we’re looking at a dozen characters pulled straight from Marvel’s first year of Disney+ programming.

That means minifigures based on WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and What If…? Three of those have already aired (or are currently airing), while the latest trailer for the fourth has just dropped online – filling in the gaps in the source material in the process.

Here’s a reminder of every character supposedly coming in the LEGO Marvel Collectible Minifigures series, along with what we can expect from their minifigure designs.


WandaVision Scarlet Witch

Three characters are said to be on the way from WandaVision, and it should be no surprise that one of those is rumoured to be one half of the title characters. Wanda will apparently be based on her appearance in the show’s finale – after she’s gone full Scarlet Witch – with dual-moulded arms, a cape and a new hair-and-crown-combo piece.

White Vision

WandaVision White Vision 1

While not all Marvel minifigures feature arm or leg printing – 76178 Daily Bugle’s huge line-up of characters basically omits both altogether, save for Spider-Man – the Collectible Minifigures generally tend to hit the other extreme. Expect plenty of detail across all 12 of these figures, including on White Vision, who will reportedly feature dual-moulded legs, leg printing and side printing.

Monica Rambeau

WandaVision Monica Rambeau

By contrast, Monica Rambeau – the third and final minifigure said to be inspired by WandaVision – will apparently feature just one of either dual-moulding or arm printing. While rumours haven’t indicated as such yet, we should probably also expect a new hairpiece for the S.W.O.R.D. soldier, given none of the LEGO Group’s current elements really fit the bill.

Captain America Sam Wilson

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Captain America Sam Wilson

No prizes for guessing which two characters from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are rumoured to be among the dozen Marvel minifigures in this series, but maybe one small prize if you guessed that Sam Wilson would be based on his final form as Captain America. The minifigure is said to include brick-built wings, dual-moulding and Cap’s iconic shield.

The Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes, on the other hand, will apparently take inspiration from the outfit Sebastian Stan’s character wore throughout most of the Disney+ series. It’s a pretty basic getup, so don’t expect too much detail from the minifigure – but we can apparently at least expect printed arms, a knife and a shield. Could that be another Captain America shield?


Loki TVA outfit Throg

We’re now five episodes deep into the timey-wimey take on Marvel’s god of mischief, which means we’ve got a pretty clear idea of what to expect from Loki’s two rumoured minifigures. The first is, of course, Loki himself, outfitted in his TVA uniform with ‘VARIANT’ printed along the back. The latest episode also gave us a brief glimpse at Throg, which is said to be included as an accessory.


Loki Sylvie

First rumoured as ‘Lady Loki’, we now know that this potential minifigure must be based on Sylvie Laufeydottir, a variant of Loki Laufeyson. Thought to include a new hairpiece, printed arms and a green blade accessory, Sylvie is another character that may not make for the most detailed minifigure, given her comparatively plain outfit – but that broken-horn hairpiece should be pretty cool.

Captain Carter

Marvel What If... Captain Carter

We’re already getting at least one Captain Carter minifigure in 76201 Captain Carter & The Hydra Stomper, but the Collectible Minifigures series will reportedly bring us a much more detailed version of Peggy Carter as Captain America. The latest trailer for What If…? gives us a very clear idea of what to expect from that minifigure, which will apparently include all-over printing, dual-moulded legs, a Captain Britain shield and the Tesseract.

Zombie Captain America

Marvel What If... Captain America Zombie

One of What If…?’s more outlandish scenarios seemingly involves the Avengers getting zombified. We’ve already had one glimpse at undead Captain America from the animated series’ sizzle reel, but the trailer gives us a fresh look at what the gruesome take on Steve Rogers might look like in minifigure form. The rumoured character is said to include dual-moulded legs and a zombified shield.

Star Lord T’Challa

Marvel What If... Star Lord TChalla

What if T’Challa became Star Lord instead of Peter Quill? It might not sound like the most exciting concept on paper – because it isn’t – but it looks pretty fun in reality, at least based on the new trailer for What If…? Just like regular old Star Lord, T’Challa’s take on the minifigure will apparently include both a helmet and hairpiece, along with two blasters.

Spider Supreme

Marvel What If... Spider Supreme 2 copy

One of just two characters we hadn’t already seen in some form, Spider Supreme finally makes an appearance in the latest What If…? trailer and poster. As rumoured, his design is seemingly based on an alternate reality comic in which Peter Parker saves Uncle Ben, wears a Doctor Strange-style cape and, um, becomes host of The Tonight Show.

The minifigure will reportedly follow suit, potentially including the new cape element from 76185 Spider-Man at the Sanctum Workshop, along with an alternate head and hairpiece for unmasking Peter Parker – and plenty of detailed printing.

Warlord Gamora

Marvel What If... Warlord Gamora 2 copy

Imagine an alternate reality in which Gamora supplants Thanos as the Mad Titan. That’s apparently the premise of at least one episode of What If…?, and the basis for the final rumoured LEGO Marvel Collectible Minifigures character. The show’s latest trailer gives us a very quick look at what to expect, but you can get an even better idea from the new poster. Along with dual-moulding and leg printing, the corresponding minifigure will apparently include the double-sided sword you see here.

As always, treat all these rumoured details with caution until confirmed otherwise by the LEGO Group. For now, though, we’ve got a pretty good picture of what to expect if they do turn out to be true.

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