‘The Library’ modular building cracks 10K on LEGO Ideas

A brick-built library has reached the review stage on LEGO Ideas, and will now be considered for production as an official set.

Jiwoo Seon’s The Library is the 10th project in the first 2022 review, the qualifying period for which kicked off at the start of this month. And like so many LEGO Ideas projects before it, the South Korean builder’s concept uses the template of the LEGO Group’s official Modular Buildings Collection.

That isn’t too encouraging for its prospects in review, however: the LEGO Group has rejected each and every one of that litany of previous projects to ape its own modular buildings, presumably to avoid clashing with its current product portfolio. And it means that while Seon’s build has rocketed to 10,000 votes in just over six weeks, chances are good that it too will be rejected at the review stage.

Add to that the existence of 10270 Bookshop – a modular building with very similar themes, if not presentation – and it’s unlikely that The Library will be given the green light. Still, you never know: the LEGO Group has previously said Ideas is all about timing, and it’s surprised us plenty of times before.

We’d also love to see The Library approved if only because it’s so brilliantly inventive, bracing one side of the building with a huge book that opens to reveal part of its detailed interior. The rest is accessed by removing its roof and upper floor, in line with the rest of the Modular Buildings Collection.

For now, The Library joins nine other projects in the first 2022 review. Here’s a complete list of every build in contention so far:

The Library
Tales of the Space Age 
The Kit-Cat Clock
Steampunk Airship
Mini City Diorama: London with Underground Train Station!
The LEGO Toilet
LEGO Koala
Wild West Mine
The Legendary Concorde
The Forestmen Secret Inn

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Chris Wharfe

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2 thoughts on “‘The Library’ modular building cracks 10K on LEGO Ideas

  • 26/01/2022 at 07:49

    Feel this would be a great addition to the Modular’s and unlike the “bookshop” this one has a lot more books on it, which is what severely disappointed me with the bookstore build

  • 26/01/2022 at 02:04

    This is brilliantly designed though it may be seen as clashing somewhat with the Bookshop set or having an architectural design similar to the new Boutique Hotel or the discontinued Palace Cinema sets. With a few minor tweaks I would of course want to see it go into production. Will be among the first in line to buy it ased on this core design. After all, why not have a beautiful model to preserve the fond memories of the real things that are going extinct!

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