Twenty must-own LEGO summer 2020 releases

The LEGO Group has launched over 100 new sets today, so Brick Fanatics picks out the 20 releases that are most worth the attention of LEGO fans

The summer launch is always a big one, and the LEGO Group has not disappointed. Technic, Friends, City, Harry Potter, Jurassic World, Creator… so many themes have expanded with new sets covering brand-new ground or revisiting classic topics in a modern way.

Enough preamble, here are 20 sets picked out by Brick Fanatics as worth aquiring from this summer launch…

LEGO Technic 42115 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37

42115 Technic 2HY20 envr 14

The latest LEGO Technic supercar stands out in its bright green hue. 2115 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 is the only way that anyone is going to have a realistic shot at owning the car, given that only 63 of the real model were produced. With 3,696 pieces and a videocast to keep the builder company, the set is likely to be a nice, engaging experience.

LEGO Architecture 21054 The White House

LEGO Architecture 21054 The White House 5

At 1,584 pieces, this is a significantly larger edition of the White House than has previously been released in the LEGO Architecture theme. This range of sets has continued to innovate and offer deeper, more sophisticated build experiences, so fans can expect something genuinely satisfying in 21054 The White House.

LEGO Creator 31109 Pirate Ship

LEGO Creator 31109 Pirate Ship 3 1

Given the fanbase that the classic LEGO Pirates theme has, pretty much any modern pirate related set is a must-buy. With 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay released so recently though, at first glance this set has been very much overshadowed. It is worth a second look for Pirates collectors though, as the unique brick-built hull and sails alone make it stand out from every ship that has sailed before – plus there’s a new minifigure in there.

LEGO Creator 40409 Hot Rod

LEGO Creator 40409 Hot Rod1

This one won’t be available for long and is not available to buy, but pays homage to the classic LEGO Model Team set 5541 Blue Fury. Not only that, but the build itself looks great and in the right scale for a modular building display. It is free with qualifying orders at for a limited time.

LEGO NINJAGO 71721 Skull Sorcerer’s Dragon

LEGO NINJAGO 71721 Skull Sorcerers Dragon

There have been so many excellent dragons in the LEGO NINJAGO theme that it is hard to imagine what new aspects fans could ask for. 71721 Skull Sorcerer’s Dragon, though, demonstrates why this theme has lasted for so long. The incredible level of detail that seems to be packed into this skeletal beast makes it an irresistible new set.

LEGO Technic 42107 Ducati Panigale V4 R

LEGO Technic 42107 Ducati Panigale V4-R

While 42115 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 is getting most of the attention, LEGO Technic has also launched 42107 Ducati Panigale V4 R today. The 646 piece set marks the first time that a Technic bike includes a gearbox, which makes this a must-buy for riders. That’s not the only technical feat that the set achieves, with suspension and steering also in included in the accurate replica.

LEGO Harry Potter 75969 Hogwarts Astronomy Tower

LEGO Harry Potter 2020

Building out Hogwarts in sections was a great way for the LEGO design team to go, as it allows for a much larger rendition of the Wizarding School than would otherwise be possible. The Astronomy Tower looks to be built at a great scale, with a nice, tall tower as the focal point. As ever, the selection of minifigures is impressive and offers some wonderful new outfits for the core characters.

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man 76151 Venomosaurus Ambush

LEGO Marvel 76151 Venomosaurus Ambush

Comic books are a place of extreme, over the top silliness, which thankfully the LEGO Group has embraced more and more in recent years. 76151 Venomosaurus Ambush builds a huge Venom dinosaur and therefore belongs in the collection of any Marvel fan. No opportunity to get a Spider-Ham minifigure should be overlooked, and the character is indeed included in this delightful set.

LEGO Jurassic World 75941 Indominus Rex vs. Ankylosaurus

LEGO Jurassic World 75941 Indominous Rex vs Ankylosaurus 3

Ankylosaurus! Ankylosaurus! A new dinosaur has been spotted in the Jurassic World theme and fans will want to add it to their LEGO dinosaur menagerie. Building a pre-destroyed Gyrosophere launcher and also including the Indominus Rex, there is plenty for fans to enjoy in this box – but the beautifully sculpted and decorated Ankylosaurus makes it a must-buy.

LEGO Harry Potter 75979 Hedwig

LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig

Following some of the character models that have been released in the LEGO Star Wars theme, 759789 Hedwig offers Harry’s best owl buddy as a brick built model. It’s something new for this particular theme but also something very welcome. It looks better in person than in the LEGO Group’s renders, and yes, features a flapping wings function. This is one that Harry Potter fans need in their collection.

LEGO Hidden Side 70437 Mystery Castle

LEGO Hidden Side

While LEGO Hidden Side is dealing with spooky goings-on and paranormal activity, most of the sets are regular locations that can transform into a haunted place. In the case of 70437 Mystery Castle, it’s a pretty creepy place to begin with. This is a set that could work in a City layout, placed out of town in a place that minifigures fear to tread…

LEGO DC Batman 76160 Mobile Bat Base

LEGO DC 76160 Mobile Bat Base

The latest batch of DC sets do not look to be the best designed at first glance, yet that does not stop 76160 Mobile Bat Base being of interest thanks to its pure pulpy fun. Reminiscent of the LEGO City Police trucks that were constantly released a few years ago, this surveillance van is very, very conspicuous. It’s ridiculous and fun as a concept, and it is not likely there will be another Bronze Tiger minifigure any time soon.

LEGO City 60266 Ocean Exploration Ship

LEGO City 60266 Ocean Exploration Ship

The LEGO City theme has not offered s ship with a gap in the middle before, making this a new take on the vessel. That gap allows submarines or divers in cages to be lowered into the water so they can start exploring. As ever, this set is mainly a giant moulded ship, but there is a fair bit of building to be done to run it onto an interesting model.

LEGO Friends 41422 Panda Jungle Tree House

LEGO Friends 41422 Panda Jungle Tree House 7

While the jungle themed are squarely targeted at the child segment of the LEGO audience, they have a specific appeal to adult fans – the animals that are included in them. In the case of 41422 Panda Jungle Tree House, it is an opportunity to get three pandas in one go, providing the opportunity to get more pandas in one set than ever before. In LEGO Friends, they are not so endangered after all.

LEGO Harry Potter 75980 Attack on The Burrow

75980 Attack on The Burrow

The LEGO Harry Potter theme does not release many sets each year, but it uses those slots well. The Burrow is a must-have location for any display and the way it is replicated here fits perfectly with the aesthetic of the other sets. Capturing the lob-sided look of the house while also having it clearly be a stable model is quite the achievement.

LEGO NINJAGO 71722 Skull Sorcerer’s Dungeons

LEGO NINJAGO 71722 Skulls Sorcerors Dungeons

This set will capture the childhoods of many, reminiscent of Castle Grayskull from He-Man and Kali’s subterranean temple from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It has that wonderful vibe of big villain playset toys from the 1980s and 1990s that will pull on the nostalgia strings of many collectors. It is also an opportunity to find out how the new NINJAGO board game feature works out.

LEGO Jurassic World 75939 Dr. Wu’s Lab: Baby Dinosaurs Breakout

LEGO Jurassic World 75939 Dr Wus Lab Baby Dinosaur Breakout 3

Like the other Jurassic set on this list, it is the new dinosaurs that mean fans must order this release. A baby triceratops and baby ankylosaurus  both included in the one box and the lab is reminiscent of the one featured in the original Jurassic Park film. That additional Owen Grady minifigure will just have to be tossed into the box with the other Owen Grady minifigures…

LEGO Marvel Avengers 76153 Avengers Helicarrier

LEGO Marvel Avengers 76153 Avengers Helicarrier 3

It has been a while since the last time fans could pick up the Helicarrier, which is stranger considering that the vehicle/base of operations for the super team appears so frequently in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the colour scheme of the film version but characters influenced by the comic books, this scaled-down version is better value than the expensive retired sets.

LEGO Friends 41430 Summer Fun Water Park

LEGO Friends 41430 Summer Fun Water Park

LEGO Friends often succeeds at these large sets, with the height and play – or positioning? – options making them both engaging builds and finished models. Capturing a sliver of the real world, the water park is themed, with a sand castle at the top and then under the sea elements on the levels below. The new slide tube elements look intriguing and will surely be working their way into fan builds soon.

LEGO Harry Potter 75968 4 Privet Drive

LEGO Harry Potter 4 Privet Drive

A depressing but important location in the Harry Potter story, 4 Privet Drive gets a modern edition that captures some of the core story points that happen there. Ron’s car is included too, so naturally the window can be pulled out to replicate the movie moment. As for the minifigures, the Durlsey family continue to expand the collection of characters offered in the theme.

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