WATCH: Why isn’t there Shrek LEGO already?

A recent LEGO Ideas entry has brought a seemingly obvious gap in the LEGO market to light.

A LEGO Ideas submission from YouTuber AshnFlash recently gathered 10,000 supporters in less than three days, centred around DreamWorks’ Shrek. The design is tied to Shrek’s 20th anniversary, coming up in 2024 and features the ogre himself, his wife Fiona, sidekick Donkeyy, and feline pal Puss in Boots.

The design is a good one and it begs the question: why has no one thought of this before, and why isn’t it already in place at the LEGO Group? We dug into this question in our latest video, available to watch right now on YouTube.

For the TikTok fans among you, we’ve also got our look at a possible brick-built Shrek ready for you over there. While you’re watching, be sure to give us a follow and send the video to any friends who might find it entertaining.


Why isn’t there Shrek LEGO already?

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