Which LEGO Ideas sets are coming next?

The very next

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Ideas set is rumoured to be – but which of the current list of approved projects can we expect to see after that?

At the moment, a total of seven

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Ideas projects rest in that mysterious window between being given the green light and actually landing on shelves. We say mysterious because there’s no hard and fast timeline involved: the period of time between those two game states could be a few months, or well beyond a year.

Figuring out the order in which they’re due to hit shelves isn’t an exact science, then – but we can make some educated guesses based on when they passed the review stage, their subject matter, the logical sequencing of product numbers in the Ideas range (at least since 2015’s 21301 Birds), and at least one already-revealed price.

If rumours are to be believed, the next LEGO Ideas set – following on from

and ­– will be , based on a design submitted by LEGO MASTERS champion Steve Guinness. That project was approved alongside two others in the third 2019 review: Brent Waller’s Seinfeld and Alex Storozhuk’s Home Alone model.

By that logic, it’s reasonable to assume that 21328 will be one of those two sets. Back in March, a Canadian retailer listed that product number with a price tag of $109.99 CAD. Based on previous releases at the same RRP, such as

and , that should translate to roughly £64.99 in the UK, or $79.99 in the US.

Given the footprint the Home Alone house will likely demand – and the price of another Ideas set based on a sitcom,

– it seems very likely that we’re looking at materialising on shelves later this year.

Beyond that, it’s difficult to say – largely because previous Ideas sets haven’t always arrived in the same order they were announced. 2019’s

launched just two months after being given the green light, for instance – and four months ahead of
21318 Tree House

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, which had actually been approved six months earlier.

However, the calendar may be able to offer us another hint: at least one Ideas set has launched every November since 2016 (and in December in 2015). There’s really no better time to debut a Christmas-themed set, so we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Home Alone release in that window, rounding out 2021’s Ideas launches with product number 21329.

Guillaume Roussel’s Earth Globe, Tomáš Letenay’s Legendary Stratocaster, Truman Cheng’s The Starry Night and Viv Grannell’s Sonic Mania would then be free to make up at least some of the Ideas calendar in 2022 – but perhaps not all of it, given how many projects are currently in review.

If the LEGO Group chooses this moment to ramp up releases in the crowdsourced theme, we could be looking at a more densely-packed schedule next year – or even later this year. For now, this is essentially all educated guesswork, but it should give you at least some idea of what to expect from LEGO Ideas in the months to come.

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