Will new LEGO Indiana Jones sets just focus on the classics?

The upcoming Indiana Jones movie is number five in the series, but for a lot of people it’s number four, so will new LEGO sets reflect that?

Okay, let’s not beat about the bush. The first three Indiana Jones movies were beloved by millions. Their tales of derring-do, set in the 1930s, were Saturday morning adventure serials put onto the big screen. And then, in 2008, came Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. On paper it was a success, becoming the second-highest grossing film of the year after The Dark Knight.

But time has not been kind to the fourth instalment, with many wishing to pretend it never existed. In “Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline (the film version of which was also directed by Steven Spielberg), Crystal Skull ‘never happened’. So with the LEGO Group rumoured to be gearing up for a new wave of Indy sets to coincide with the fifth (or fourth, depending on your point of view) film in the series, where will their source material come from?

We (think we) know, thanks to the rumour mill, that there are at least eight sets on the way, and names have been suggested for three of them. They are Fighter Plane Chase, Escape from the Lost Tomb and The Temple of Doom.

7199 The Temple of Doom – like this, but bigger, please. Much bigger.

It’s safe to assume that the last of those will come from Indy 2, aka Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. With a suggested price of €79.99 we could be looking at a diorama of the climax of the film, where Dr Jones narrowly avoids an unwanted heart transplant. Having said that, we have our collective fingers crossed that the new roller-coaster elements might be utilised to replicate the mine cart chase, but we think that would require a rather larger outlay than €80. We know 7199 The Temple of Doom from 2009 had a stab at this, but we want something on the scale of 10261 Roller Coaster. Please.

The man in the hat is back

Fighter Plane Chase is rather more difficult to place, but could well be the scene from The Last Crusade, where Dr Jones Senior brings down a German fighter with an umbrella and a flock of birds. As for Escape from the Lost Tomb, there are plenty of tombs to choose from across the series, but there’s a certain opening scene with a giant boulder that’s just crying out to be built. That still leaves five sets to be accounted for if the rumours are true, but given that at least a few are likely to focus on the latest instalment, that rather suggests that the LEGO Group are also not fans of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

All wild speculation at this point of course, and we’ll know more if and when the LEGO Group confirm the upcoming sets, but for now it appears that episode four remains the outcast of the series.

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