World’s most expensive LEGO set?

Set 60079, Training Jet Transporter – RRP CHF59.90 or £39.99.

In Switzerland, one of the major chains (or duopoly) Coop has a loyalty card which you earn one point for every Swiss Franc that is spent. More or less like the Nectar Card or equivalent in the UK.

They sent me their “rewards” catalogue in the post the other day and this caught my eye.


So to get set 60079 for ‘nowt’ will cost you 6990 Supercard points.

But I mentioned that for every Franc you spend you get a Supercard point. Wait a minute…………that means to get this set for gratis, you would have had to spend CHF6990 (£4960 approx) . Yup, that is correct – near enough CHF7k for a CHF59.90 reward.

Now the words that entered my head when I saw this was “rip off” with some expletive stuck at the front. It just goes to show that not everything seems to be a bargain and you really do need to do the math and homework to ensure that you are getting value for money or indeed a bargain when it comes to claiming from a store reward scheme.

However, I do suspect that some individual has decided to opt for this “geschenk” and part with their hard earned points, making this one of the world’s most expensive LEGO sets. Ever.

It positively makes the UCS Millennium Falcon look like an absolute bargain when it comes up for sale.


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