LEGO ICONS 10307 Eiffel Tower rumoured for Black Friday 2022

An update to the rumoured LEGO ICONS 10307 Eiffel Tower suggests a release as soon as Black Friday 2022 with over 10,000 pieces and an increased price.

According to Instagram user brick_clicker, the long-rumoured 10307 Eiffel Tower, which was first reported in February 2022, will be launching on Black Friday 2022, November 25, as more reported details have surfaced. Note that these details have not been officially confirmed by the LEGO Group, nor has the existence of 10307 Eiffel Tower so take all information with an appropriate amount of caution.

The rumour states that 10307 Eiffel Tower will include 10,001 elements for $680, a potential increase from the previously rumoured €630, possibly in line with the recent price increases.

LEGO Creator Expert 10181 Eiffel Tower

It’s also said that it will be 150cm tall and 50cm wide. Compared to the previous huge LEGO Eiffel Tower model – 10181 Eiffel Tower, it is reported to have the same width but adds 20cm to its height, not to mention nearly triple the number of pieces. 10181 Eiffel Tower included 3,428 elements.

Assuming the rumoured model is to scale similar to the 2007 model, that reported 10,001 piece count could be going towards additional detail, a stronger structure using Technic elements and more items on the base.

As well as being taller than 10181 Eiffel Tower, the rumoured 10307 Eiffel Tower could be the tallest LEGO model ever released, you can see how other models measure up by reading our list of the tallest builds.

Featured image: MaxPixel (licensed under CC0 1.0)

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