Adult LEGO Halloween costumes now available to buy

It won’t just be children enjoying dressing up as giant bricks and minifigures this Halloween, as a new range of licensed adult LEGO Halloween costumes has been released.

A new selection of LEGO costumes has been released in the USA – and they are adult sized. Fans can dress up as a giant brick, a generic minifigure, minifigure Batman or minifigure Joker. The Halloween outfits have been spotted on the Target website by the Brick Fan. Children sizes are also available, but the adult sizes are the important ones.

Each brick costume, available in blue or yellow, includes one polyester tunic that looks like a slightly melty brick. Each minifigure costume includes a mask, top and pair of C-shaped hands – so wearers will have to get handy if they would like to bring it all together with authentic legs.

The prices start at $40, which is not out of the usual price range for such costumes, but many LEGO aficionados are creative types and may still opt to make their own outfit.

If you do dress up as something LEGO related for Halloween, be sure to share your snaps with Brick Fanatics on Facebook or Twitter – but be careful taking any selfies while wearing minifigure hands…


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