Andor creator reveals timeline of Season 2 of the Star Wars show

Andor creator Tony Gilroy has laid out the timeline of the second season of the Star Wars show.

Speaking to Polygon, Gilroy confirmed that the second season of Andor will take place after a time jump, focusing on Cassian’s growth into a leader. After Season 1 saw him grow into a rebel, the next instalment of the show is all about those ideas solidifying and being put to good use.

“We’re going to skip a whole year. We come back a year later, many things have changed,” Gilroy said. “We’ll do three episodes, and we’ll jump a year. And we’ll do another three episodes, and we’ll jump a year.

“We’ll come back to the final four episodes, and those episodes will be the last three days really before Rogue One, and the final scene of the show will be walking you into Rogue One.”

Rogue One A Star Wars Story
Image: Lucasfilm

The reveal that Season 2 will lead right up to just before Rogue One means that this will surely be the end of Andor, seeing as the titular character will die in the following film. It will also offer further insight into the growth of the Rebel Alliance, with Cassian as one of the key players.

Plus, it has already been confirmed that at least one familiar face from Rogue One will be appearing in the show. Whether an extra season will result in any of the Andor-related sets that we’re dying to see remains to be seen, but for now, we’ll just return to our rewatch of Season 1.

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