Another DC LEGO movie coming – JL: Gotham City Breakout

Just as the UK finally got their hands on the latest LEGO DC movie, without the exclusive minifigure I might add 🙁 (Although you can get it on import). We get news that there is yet another direct to DVD movie coming later in the year. This one will also come with an exclusives minifigure. This time it is nightwing and is just a blue variation of the minifigure that appeared in 76011.

The new film is called Justice League: Gotham City Breakout and the exclusive minifigure that will be included in the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HD combo pack. We don’t know more on the movie at this time but will keep you posted and hopefully this time UK might be able to get the exclusive.


Story via Minifigure Price Guide


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