LEGO Batman Movie images revealed

While the rest of the world gets itchy feet waiting for the upcoming Batman vs Superman film, USA Today have released some images of the ‘other Batman film’ currently in production. LEGO fans looking forward to lots of black… and sometimes very, very dark grey can finally get a look at some stills from the upcoming LEGO Batman and though they don’t give much away, the images and the article contain some interesting information.


The images, which appear courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures show parts of Batman’s expansive brick-built lair and a new Batwing-style vehicle. In Batman’s wardrobe, he has several identical hoods to choose from while a 60’s-style grey and blue suit with boxing gloves hangs in the background below a sign that says ‘Raging Bat’, a reference to the boxing film Raging Bull, no doubt, so it looks like there’s going to be humour crammed into every corner. In the kitchen, Batman is in his dressing gown appears to be making a late snack. He’s still wearing a bat hood too which I think shows us a little about how they’re going to present the Batman character throughout the film. The article talks a bit about the approach taken to the story, wanting to include the ‘every-day’ of Batman’s like so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him doing various day-to-day tasks with the hat on and hopefully they’ll get some comedy out of this.


If you’re looking forward to what sets we might get out of this, some of the images include what could be a new Batwing but with a very different approach to the design looking more like a harrier jump jet than most previous batwings. Of course, it may not be the batwing, it could be another bat-centric flying vehicle.


The article also talks about how they’re building a complete city environment for the film, like Bricksburg but bigger is the impression I got.


The best news though is that the first trailer, probably containing the images released today will drop this coming Wednesday. Considering this film is due out February 2017, it looks like they’ll be trying to capitalise on the Batman vs Superman buzz. Considering we still don’t have a trailer yet for December’s Star Wars film, Rogue One, they must be confident they can hold our attention over a long build up without losing momentum so I’m hopeful that it’s an indication that this film will be a big deal for Warner Bros. and that they’re already feeling confident about how it looks.


You can read the article here on the USA today website. The LEGO Batman movie is scheduled for release in theatres in February 2017.


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