Captain Rex gives us the most unique LEGO Star Wars helmet yet

Captain Rex’s distinctive helmet has earned its place as the most unique LEGO Star Wars helmet yet.

Rex was one of the most unique clones in the Clone Wars and Lucasfilm Executive Producer Dave Filoni has previously confirmed that his unique character deserved to be reflected in unique armour. They certainly didn’t disappoint, with plenty of quirky details that tell the clone’s story, piece by piece.

This character is presented in 75349 Captain Rex Helmet, a model that perfectly captures so many of the helmet’s characteristics, making it the most unique LEGO Star Wars helmet we’ve seen so far. It’s also the biggest helmet in the theme, giving the designers the piece count they needed to include every detail.

Rex’s Phase II helmet mixes Phase I and II designs, with the new T-shaped visor paired with the old proportions. This meant that some elements were lowered to make everything fit, creating a look only seen in Rex. Marking him out further are the distinctive Jaig Eyes painted on the forehead of the helmet, first given to him by the Mandalorian veterans who trained him on Kamino. The eyes are a symbol of honour in battle to the Mandalorians, which Rex went on to paint on his helmet himself moving forward in homage to his teachers.

The fact that Rex’s helmet needed to be custom adapted to merge the two Phases gives it a hashed-together appearance in The Clone Wars, which the LEGO Star Wars designers have faithfully recreated. Stickered weld marks show how Rex worked on his helmet himself.

However, the designers’ commitment to representing Rex’s unique helmet could also prove divisive, borrowing techniques from 75276 Stormtrooper Helmet and giving a jagged appearance, instead of a smooth curve along the jawline.

As noted in our review, the overall effect is impressive, especially when viewed from far away. Keeping the design of this helmet distinct from 75350 Clone Commander Cody Helmet, released at the same time, makes for a more engaging build experience for those who buy both (of which we’re sure there’ll be many).

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