Couple decorate their house with a 10 foot LEGO wall

A couple have “jazzed up” their house with a 10 foot decorative wall built from LEGO bricks.

Janet Turford and Alan Wilkinson allowed a joke to get out of hand when their LEGO brick wall ended up being 10 feet long. The couple decided that the games room in their house, located in Pontypool, Wales, needed a life-sized LEGO wall and started building last September.

The Daily Mail reports that the wall includes minifigures and secret doors. “It was a labour of love but it took 10 months because we did it as and when we could after work and at weekends – just whenever we had a little free time to fill,” Turford explained to the website.

“We’ve got a games room with a pool table and karaoke and lots of different quirky bits, a dartboard and everything. We had the space above the bar that needed filling. It was just plain. We were just trying to figure out how we could jazz it up and we both love LEGO so came up with the idea of building an interactive wall that our friends and family could enjoy along with us.”

LEGO brick wall 2

According to the builder, guests have enjoyed the new feature. “It’s a talking point, definitely. It’s massively taken us by surprise how appreciative and enthusiastic people are about it.”

The bricks for the wall were acquired at car boot sales, auction houses and online platforms. In total, the pair estimate they spent £2,000 on the bricks that the wall uses.

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