Does the LEGO Star Wars BOOST 75253 Droid Commander designer know his droids?

When Brick Fanatics realises that one of the LEGO designers behind LEGO Star Wars BOOST 75253 Droid Commander is a Star Wars fan, it is time for a quiz

LEGO Senior Experience Designer Steve Geist is part of the team that developed the brand new LEGO Star Wars BOOST 75253 Droid Commander, the set that brings droids to life through the power of the brick. He is also a big Star Wars fan.

Given that Steve has designed the ultimate droid LEGO set, does he know his droids? Does he know ASP-7 from 4-LOM? There is only one way to find out. Brick Fanatics shows him these 10 droids, to find out how many he can name…

Star Wars droids

Steve: Okay, I am a bit nervous.

Brick Fanatics: Can you name 10 Star Wars droids?

S: Ten Star Wars droids? Okay let’s see if I can do them all… IG-88 for sure, a Buzz droid, R5, Pit Droid… E9-D3 – something like that, I’m probably not being specific…

BF: That’s close.

S: K-2SO, the Probe Droid, I can never remember that fricking one’s actual numbers, but it’s in Episode I…

BF: Let’s look at what you have so far, yeah Pit Droids, what are you saying for this guy?

S: It’s something like ED-9.

BF: That’s so close, it’s EV-9D9.

S: Then one of the medical droids, I don’t know the call number for that one though.

BF: Okay this one is FX-7, some of these are pretty obscure.

S: Yeah, perfect.

BF: Do you know this guy?

S: Just a Battle Droid.

BF: Yeah that works, his actual designation is OOM-9. What about these two?

S: The horrified unit, I can never remember… R5-D…

BF: Three digits out of four… that’s close enough for a point.

S: Is it D4?

BF: R5-D4, yeah.

S: I cannot remember this one for the life of me.

BF: This guy is TC-14.

S: TC-14! Thank you.

BF: This is all very obscure and nerdy.

S: No, I love it.

BF: That is a 7 out of 10, that’s an impressive score. That’s the same as what Justin got on our Stranger Things quiz. Thank you for playing along with us on that.

LEGO Star Wars 75253 BOOST Droid Commander quiz


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