Downloading LEGO Dimensions Year 2 content

In our exclusive interview with LEGO Dimensions producer Mark Warburton, he talked about a change to the way that new LEGO Dimensions content is downloaded:

‘we transitioned to a DLC system this year, that was a big thing for us. Last year all of the content was given to the users through a patch, an update system, so you just turned your console on, you got it, you had all the latest data. We became very aware toward the end that some of the consoles have less space on the hard drives than others. So we wanted to give users more control’

The actual mechanics of doing that, however, may not be entirely clear to players – especially those who have not yet got stuck in to the new LEGO Dimensions packs. Gaming website Everybody Plays have provided a great little guide that explains to gamers how to update LEGO Dimensions to allow the new Year 2 content to be playable.

Essentially there are two in-game options for downloading content, one that can be done once the new pack is in use, or another for the more organised player to get the software prepped in advance. It’s a change from the previous way of doing things, in which the game automatically downloaded an update each time on start up, so worth being aware of.


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