Every LEGO Batman The Dark Knight minifigure released

Despite The Dark Knight trilogy ending almost ten years ago, the

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Group is continuing to make more Batman minifigures based on the films.

The Dark Knight Trilogy has become a favourite among aficionados of the caped crusader, with the trio of movies beginning in 2005 and ending in 2012. Over the seven years, many characters would face off or assist the caped crusader, and the

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Group has seemingly embarked on a quest to make as many as possible.

Through the launch of four sets and a limited edition minifigure, there have been a total of ten minifigures based on Christopher Nolan’s trio of superhero movies. Here’s every LEGO The Dark Knight minifigure released so far in order of where they appeared.:

Limited edition New York Comic-Con Batman

LEGO Batman The Dark Knight New York Comic con 2011
Image: Brickset

Releasing just before the final film in the trilogy – The Dark Knight Rises – in 2011, this minifigure was only made available to lucky winners of a New York Comic-Con raffle.

This design is based on the outfit as seen in the movies with the segmented armour plating and a metallic utility belt. Thankfully, those who were unable to get this first minifigure would have plenty of other chances at getting an official LEGO iteration based on the character.

76001 The Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase

LEGO DC 76001 contents

Launching just after the final film in the Dark Knight Trilogy, 76001 The Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase was the first set based on the films that would feature a trio of minifigures publicly available to purchase.

A different version of Batman as seen at New York Comic-Con would be included, this time depicting the caped crusader in a dark grey suit. Bane can be seen sporting his iconic mask and one of the only minifigures for Commissioner Gordon also appeared in the set.

76023 The Tumbler

LEGO Batman 76023 The Tumbler minifigures

One year onwards from the last entry, the LEGO Group would release one of the most recognisable models within the


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theme. The huge 76023 The Tumbler included two minifigures, including another version of The Dark Knight dressed in all black and the first minifigure for the trilogy’s Joker.

Taking inspiration from the New York Comic-Con minifigure, Batman makes use of more pronounced metallic colouring for the utility belt, whilst the Joker made use of rough make-up on the face to simulate the creepy antagonist’s visage. Both designs would be revisited at a later date.

76239 Batmobile Tumbler: Scarecrow Showdown

LEGO Batman 76239 Batmobile Tumbler Scarecrow Showdown 8

The upcoming pair of The Dark Knight models bring only one new character to the collection, as well as some updated minifigures for a past hero and villain. Two of these are featured in

, which includes the titular character whose minifigure is complete with the sack hood and formal suit.

Batman’s minifigure from 76023 The Tumbler is the other character in the minifigure-scale build, with an updated design that refines elements of the initial torso print for a simpler look.

76240 Batmobile Tumbler

LEGO Batman 76240 Batmobile Tumbler 4

As an updated version of 76023 The Tumbler,

also redesigns both minifigures, giving one an entirely new appearance. As discussed in our comparison piece, Batman now features leg printing and a more complex chest. Joker is where the more notable differences come from.

For his second minifigure, The Dark Knight’s Joker has removed his coat, showing the printed patchwork sleeves and the entirety of the green vest. Such an outfit change also shows the striped legs. Otherwise, the hair and face remain the same between the two.

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