Every LEGO ICONS Fairground Collection set ever made

The LEGO Fairground Collection has seen plenty of changes since its first set, with the history now stretching back 13 years.

With the reveal of 10303 Loop Coaster, the LEGO Fairground Collection now boasts seven sets, all with a unique style or attraction that builds on previous releases or focuses on bringing something new to the range.

7 – 10196 Grand Carousel

10196 1

Starting the list off in 2009, 10196 Grand Carousel was exactly as the name suggests, a grand recration of a carousel that was as functional as it was beautiful, using 3,263 pieces.

6 – 10244 Fairground Mixer

10244 main

Five years later, the LEGO Fairground Collection added a portable attraction with 10244 Fairground Mixer, spinning guests in circles. One of the most notable features of this set was how everything could be taken to another fairground and stored on the two provided trucks.

5 – 10247 Ferris Wheel

10247 1

Meausring 60cm high, 10247 Ferris Wheel arrived in 2015, allowing minifigures to take in the sights of the park from a distance as they gently rotate around the wheel, which used tyres to keep it moving.

4 – 10257 Carousel

10257 1

On the eighth anniversary of the LEGO Fairground Collection, the designers made another carousel to make use of modern designs and elements. However, it still retained all the function with animals to ride as they move up and down, some with moving legs.

3 – 10261 Roller Coaster

LEGO Creator Expert 10261 Roller Coaster full build featured

In 2018, the biggest LEGO roller coaster released after previous experiments to depict these iconic attractions in bricks. It may have been lacking compared to a later release, but 10261 Roller Coaster is still one of the most memorable additions to the LEGO Fairground Collection.

2 – 10273 Haunted House

10273 packaging201

10273 Haunted House was released in 2020, bringing a themed attraction to the LEGO Fairground Collection as the classic Adventurers characters found a new home as part of the drop tower.

1 – 10303 Loop Coaster

10303 Prod

Rounding out the list with the 2022 addition to the LEGO Fairground Collection is 10303 Loop Coaster, building on the framework that 10261 Roller Coaster provided but adding not one, but two loops for the first time in a LEGO roller coaster.

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