Every LEGO Marvel set retiring in 2022 and beyond – January update

A huge number of LEGO Marvel sets are due to leave shelves for good in 2022, including plenty of products that have only just launched.

While most regular LEGO sets generally enjoy around 18 months on shelves, it’s not unheard of to see some disappear within a year – but that so many of this month’s new sets are due to retire by December 2022 is pretty surprising. And it’s even more eyebrow-raising where the three new mechs are concerned, because they haven’t even arrived on shelves yet.

Whether the LEGO Group ultimately extends their planned lifespan in light of their three-month delay – owing to a stability issue, which has presumably now been fixed – remains to be seen, but it’s worth bearing in mind that this list, which has been compiled through Brick Fanatics‘ sources, could feasibly change dramatically between now and the end of the year.

LEGO Marvel 76178 Daily Bugle featured 3 resized

That means the likes of 76205 Gargantos Showdown and 10783 Spider-Man at Doc Ock’s Lab (review) could yet hang around into 2023, especially if they prove to be strong sellers. To stay informed on when the current portfolio of LEGO Marvel sets are expected to retire, check back with Brick Fanatics throughout the year for our monthly updates.

Even while plenty of smaller Marvel sets are scheduled to be gone within the year, though, you’ve still got a little more time to save up for its biggest and best models, including 76178 Daily Bugle (review) and 76193 The Guardians’ Ship (review).

Here’s the full list of LEGO Marvel sets by their retirement date, as of January 2022:

December 31, 2022
10781 Miles Morales: Spider-Man’s Techno Trike 
10783 Spider-Man at Doc Ock’s Lab
10940 Spider-Man Headquarters
40454 Spider-Man versus Venom and Iron Venom  
76145 Eternals’ Aerial Assault
76154 Deviant Ambush!
76155 In Arishem’s Shadow 
76156 Rise of the Domo 
76175 Attack on the Spider Lair 
76176 Escape from The Ten Rings
76177 Battle at the Ancient Village 
76184 Spider-Man vs. Mysterio’s Drone Attack
76185 Spider-Man at the Sanctum Workshop 
76186 Black Panther Dragon Flyer
76189 Captain America and Hydra Face-Off
76190 Iron Man: Iron Monger Mayhem
76192 Avengers: Endgame Final Battle
76194 Tony Stark’s Sakaarian Iron Man
76195 Spider-Man’s Drone Duel 
76198 Spider-Man & Doctor Octopus Mech Battle 
76199 Carnage
76200 Bro Thor’s New Asgard
76201 Captain Carter & The Hydra Stomper 
76202 Wolverine Mech Armor
76203 Iron Man Mech Armor
76204 Black Panther Mech Armor
76205 Gargantos Showdown
76237 Sanctuary II: Endgame Battle 

December 31, 2023
10782 Hulk vs. Rhino Truck Showdown
10784 Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout
76178 Daily Bugle 
76187 Venom 
76191 Infinity Gauntlet 
76193 The Guardians’ Ship
76206 Iron Man Figure

For a full list of every single LEGO set currently retiring in 2022 – across all themes, including Star Wars, Ideas, Creator Expert and more – click here.

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