Every LEGO store set ever released

As the official physical retail location for sets, LEGO stores have had a few models over the years, available at grand openings and elsewhere. 

Ranging from smaller models available as VIP rewards to brand new builds that you can buy in-stores, here’s every LEGO store set ever made. 

For this list, we’ll only be including models dedicated fully to LEGO stores, though it’s worth mentioning that the shops have also found their way into sets from Monkie Kid and CITY, including in the recent 80036 The City of Lanterns.  

We also won’t include 910009 Modular LEGO Store, since that was part of the BrickLink Designer Program and isn’t quite as official as the rest. 

7 – 3300003 LEGO Brand Retail Store

lego 330003
Image: Brickset

Starting in 2012, the first LEGO store set was 3300003 LEGO Brand Retail Store, available as a promotional item to those attending grand openings. It opted for a smaller scale, depicting what would soon become recognisable features of these models. 

6 – 40145 LEGO Brand Retail Store

lego 40145

Next in 2015 was 40145 LEGO Brand Retail Store, also only available at grand openings. It included the green brick-built dragon that would become a centrepiece of many stores, window displays and miniature sets inside referencing Juniors, NINJAGO and more. 

5 – 40178 Iconic VIP Set

40178 Iconic VIP Set Promotional

In 2017, 40178 Iconic VIP Set was a gift with purchase on the official online store, recreating a corner of a LEGO Store with a VIP sign to the side. Notable models featured on the shelves include the Ghostbusters Firehouse as an assembled model on display. 

4 – 40305 LEGO Brand Retail Store

lego 40305

40305 LEGO Brand Retail Store was one of the first LEGO store sets to be made available to all, released in 2018, this build was a two-storey shop ready for minifigures to visit and purchase their next LEGO model. It even included what looks to be a cash machine outside to prepare for the shopping experience. 

3 – 40359 LEGO Store Picture Frame

LEGO 40359 LEGO Store Picture Frame 5

In a similar fashion to 40178 Iconic VIP Set, 40359 LEGO Store Picture Frame was a promotional set released in 2019 depicting a small segment of a LEGO store designed to fit and display photos. 

2 – 40528 LEGO Brand Retail Store

LEGO 40528 LEGO Brand Retail Store featured

In late 2021, it was announced that 40528 LEGO Brand Retail Store would be the new LEGO set available at store grand openings. This model seems to be inspired by the new design for the flagship stores, with a giant brick-built tree at the centre and two floors in the microscale structure. 

1 – 40574 LEGO Brand Store

LEGO 40574 LEGO Brand Store 6

However, it’s not the only LEGO Store set for 2021 as 40574 LEGO Brand Store has also been revealed. This build will be available for everyone to purchase on LEGO.com as of August 1, 2022, and embraces the ‘retailtainment’ design with recognisable features of redesigned LEGO stores around the world. 

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