Fan builds the ultimate playable LEGO guitar

A LEGO fan and YouTuber has put together a working guitar using LEGO after being inspired by his son.

Tolgahan Ço?ulu has built a working LEGO microtonal guitar with a brick fretboard, impressing social media and websites such as Guitar World.

It all started when Ço?ulu’s built a LEGO version of his microtonal guitar’s fretboard, which led him to realise that most playable LEGO guitars did not build the actual fretboard part. Ru?en Can Acet helped him to 3D print a fretboard baseplate, specially shaped for the guitar but with studs to attach bricks to.

“We found various LEGO pieces to fill in the spaces. We spent hours to find single square plates from our LEGO collection and found out that these pieces are the most previous pieces in our LEGO collection,” he explains.

To attach the strings, they 3D printed threads that would attach to the studs, completing the guitar project.

It all led to Ço?ulu’s son having a working LEGO guitar that is completely unique, revealing that it is a great teaching tool for learning the instrument.

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