First ever Comic Con LEGO BrickHeadz up for auction

LEGO BrickHeadz collectors will want to check out new Catawiki auctions that are offering some of the theme’s original sets that fans may not even be aware exist.

Brick Fanatics has partnered with the auction-based website and each week we will bring you some of the most notable or interesting LEGO-related listings at Catawiki. LEGO BrickHeadz sets have had a bumpy time of it since the regular retail sets were introduced in 2017.

First, themed waves didn’t really seem to excite the LEGO fanbase. Then, in 2018, the LEGO Group released – and retired – the sets at such an overwhelming rate that fans couldn’t keep up. 2019 seemed to be the end of the theme, as it moved to only seasonal sets, until it came back this year with sporadic releases.

This inconsistent release pattern has made LEGO BrickHeadz an engaging and challenging theme for fans to collect – making the thrill of the chase all the more enjoyable. But the hardest sets to acquire, the ones that are genuine rarities, are those that launched the series in 2016.

One year before they became mass retail sets, San Diego Comic Con saw four LEGO BrickHeadz exclusive two packs, one for each day of the pop culture convention. 41490 Superman & Wonder Woman, 41491 Batman & The Joker, 41492 Iron Man & Captain America and 41493 Black Panther & Doctor Strange offered some of DC and Marvel’s best known super heroes.

As ever with such exclusives, even being at the event didn’t guarantee the opportunity to buy one – long lines and limited supplies meant that many were disappointed. Thankfully though, there’s the secondary market option – which usually works out much cheaper than the cost of flights to San Diego, hotel rooms and convention tickets. Catawiki is offering just that opportunity this week, with 41490 Superman & Wonder Woman, 41491 Batman & The Joker and 41492 Iron Man & Captain America up for auction.

What’s more, the following year’s San Diego Comic Con exclusives, 41496 Supergirl & Martian Manhunter and 41497 Spider-Man & Venom, are also up for auction, giving fans the chance at even more rare BrickHeadz sets from the annual extravaganza.

Super hero fans will also want to take a look at 75996 Aquaman and Storm, a more recent San Diego Comic Con exclusive from 2018, which features a classic look for the underwater DC icon.

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