Get to the root of the new LEGO Botanical Collection 10281 Bonsai Tree in designer video

The designer video for the recently released LEGO Botanical collection 10281 Bonsai Tree is here, exploring the new model and sharing thoughts from the designers.

LEGO designer videos are always a treat, no matter the model. Now, the video for 10281 Bonsai Tree has been posted on the LEGO Group’s YouTube channel.

LEGO Designer Nico Vas takes centre stage in this designer video, explaining what a bonsai is, an important part of understanding the set as Brick Fanatics did in our review. The origins of the set are explored as Nico was approached to build a larger bonsai for the NINJAGO area of the LEGO offices.

Some of the challenges the designers faced in this set involved the loose bricks that form the soil, and how to stop them spilling when the model was moved. The designers also joke about the interesting use of the frog element, and just how many are in the set, you can see more interesting uses of the piece here.

Other designer-made bonsai trees are also shown in the video, including one with a skull at the base. The different builds are shown in the instructions for the set but are good to see here in full, and might inspire fans to remix the set for themselves.

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YouTube video

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