Has LEGO already teased the Ideas Earth Globe?

Speculation is circulating that the LEGO Group has already teased the upcoming LEGO Ideas Earth Globe in a promo video – but just how likely is it to be the real deal?

Earlier this week, the LEGO Group unveiled its first prototype recycled brick, which is made primarily from discarded plastic bottles. (You can find out more about that potentially revolutionary element by clicking here.) Accompanying that announcement was a video posted to the company’s social pages that features a brick-built globe ­– just like the one currently in development.

We’re talking specifically about Guillaume Roussel’s The Earth Globe, which was approved for production back in September 2020 during LEGO Ideas’ first 2020 review. Given the usual timing between announcement and release, the final set is likely pretty far into development by now – so could the globe featured in this week’s video be a hint at what’s to come?

The most likely answer is, unfortunately, a flat no – mainly because it would be less a tease, and more a full reveal, which the company doesn’t necessarily have precedent for doing this far in advance. According to the most recent rumours, the next two LEGO Ideas sets we can expect to see on shelves are Seinfeld and Home Alone, so The Earth Globe is likely still a long way out from launch.

The model on display in the video also differs massively from Guillaume’s design, to the point that it’s tricky to reconcile them with each other. That’s not strictly out of the ordinary for LEGO Ideas – most models undergo some kind of revision – but dropping the stand and overlapping the plates seems like a pretty drastic departure.

Of course, we could be wrong, and this could well be the LEGO Ideas Earth Globe that will hit shelves presumably sometime in 2022 – but it just doesn’t feel very likely. If you’re after a more concrete (and readily-available) brick-built representation of the planet, check out the recently-released LEGO Art 31203 World Map (and our review!).

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