Here’s the real reason LEGO Star Wars designers hide pink bricks in sets

LEGO designer Henrik Andersen has revealed why the Star Wars team have been hiding pink bricks in their sets.

If you’ve built any LEGO Star Wars sets in recent months, you might have noticed an odd propensity for pink bricks hidden inside. Mixing up internal colours of sets is nothing new, of course – it’s an easy way for designers to simplify the build process, particularly in the sea of grey that Star Wars usually offers. The focus on pink is new, though. And as it turns out, it’s there for a reason.

Speaking to Brickset, Andersen revealed that the LEGO Star Wars crew are rewarded for every pink brick they successfully conceal inside a set.

“It all started as a joke surrounding whether we could incorporate pink bricks into a Star Wars model,” he explained. “Subsequently, my wife Danielle, a Quality Engineer at LEGO, picked up on the idea and promised ‘Pink Brick Cake’ to the Star Wars project team whenever we installed a pink brick in our creations!”

Next time you crack open a LEGO Star Wars set and find a pink piece, then, just think about the fact that somewhere in Billund, a designer is probably eating cake because of it.

75317 The Mandalorian and The Child

If you want to start your own hunt for pink bricks in LEGO Star Wars sets, the full range is available now at We’ll start you off with an easy one: 75317 The Mandalorian & The Child includes at least two. It is a BrickHeadz model, though, so it probably doesn’t count. (Almost all BrickHeadz sets use pink pieces for the characters’ “brains”.)

The San Diego Comic-Con-exclusive 77904 Nebulon-B Frigate also includes a pink 2×2 plate, but you can’t buy that one. Your best bet at the moment is probably 75277 Boba Fett Helmet, which includes a pink 1×1 round plate. Strangely, neither of this year’s flagship sets, 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina and 75275 A-wing Starfighter, have any pink pieces at all. This year must have been very light on cake.

In other LEGO Star Wars news, the first trailer for the Holiday Special dropped today. No, not that Holiday Special – we’re all doing our best to forget that one – but the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, which will debut on Disney+ on November 17.

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