How does a LEGO sword compare to a 25-year-old one made of real silver?

Knights and nobles gather round, a LEGO sword made of real silver has been found, although it could do with a trip to 21325 Medieval Blacksmith.

LEGO swords are always a treat, with so many different types having been wielded by minifigures over the years. For Castle-lovers especially, a minifigure-scale sword made of actual metal is an enticing thought.

Well, one Reddit user decided to make that thought a reality 25 years ago and has revisited the decades-long project, only to discover it’s not exactly how they left it.

MyVoiceIsElevating undertook the task a long time ago but decided to dig out the old weapon from his collection to compare it against a real version of the same piece. However, after such a long time stored away, it’s age has begun to show with any shine it once had now lost to time.

Taking to the comments, the Reddit user explains how a LEGO sword was mounted in a wax base to create a mould before melted beyond repair to clear the cast. Notably, the silver weapon still fits perfectly in minifigure hands.

While we’re not sure what to do about the silver version, the real piece can be kept in great condition thanks to the new LEGO Ideas 21325 Medieval Blacksmith, check out our review for more on the unsung hero of the middle ages.

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