Huge LEGO DC Batcave set rumoured for summer 2023

Following initial reports of a huge LEGO DC set coming later in 2023, it’s now rumoured to be a fully enclosed Batcave build. 

LEGO DC was previously rumoured to return in the summer of 2023, focusing on Batman, following a slower couple of years for the range. Now, brick_clicker has shared an update on another rumour, stating that 76252 will be a Batcave model with 3,981 pieces for $449.99, launching on June 5, 2023. 

The source goes on to note that it’s rumoured to be a fully enclosed Batcave surrounded by a cave model. 

According to the rumour, this would be the biggest LEGO Batcave by far with the next closest being 76052 Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave at 2,526 elements. Otherwise, Batcaves have only ever managed to beat 1,000 pieces at best. 

A fully enclosed Batcave could be an interesting model to have on display as its rocky exterior may not catch the eye as much as the high-tech details within. However, being enclosed by a LEGO cave could allow for interior lighting, whether official or custom.  

At the time of writing, this rumour has not been officially confirmed by the LEGO Group and should be taken with caution. That advice goes for the rumoured DC summer 2023 set list too.

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