Is LEGO VIDIYO 43101 Bandmates a bad idea?

LEGO VIDIYO is introducing a new type of Collectable Minifigures Series, ditching the plastic bags for blind boxes, but is this musical menagerie a good or bad idea?

A LEGO YouTuber has asked that very question to their audience and is debating the answers to determine whether or not 43101 Bandmates is missing a beat.

Just2Good posed the question to his viewers and recorded the answers in a new video, with many differing opinions to be discussed. You can find the video for yourself below for the full selection of responses.

Some viewers believe that there isn’t enough instrumental variety in the current series with only a few having their own instruments, while many of the other characters use a microphone. This may be something that is addressed in later series and for the time being, quite a few new elements are present throughout the cast.

The topic of them being boxed was also brought up by quite a few members of the audience and although we’ve discussed the issue separately, Justin does bring up a good point. We don’t know for certain if this will affect the standard Collectible Minifigures Series quite yet, and if you assume that it won’t it means at least 12 more original minifigure characters each year. Also, with this being labelled as Series 1 of Bandmates, that number might be even higher.

LEGO VIDIYO is one of the most experimental ideas that has come from the LEGO Group yet and it might be too early to say for sure if 43101 Bandmates and any future series are a bad idea. It may depend on whether the rest of the Collectible Minifigures Series are affected by the blind box design.

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