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Latest LEGO deals from HUKD – 19/2

So LEGO continue to milk the fans for their money but the fans are starting to say no and push back. One thing I’ve seen over the past few years is how smart the fan community are becoming when it comes to not paying RRP for sets. Most fans know all retail sets can be gotten cheaper if you are patient and shop around. However that can’t be said for the D2C sets that continue to get more expensive but weaker as sets. Hopefully enough people will show LEGO what they want by keeping their wallet in their pocket. Or spending it on something where you get value for your hard earnt wages. This is where HUKD come in as each week they send us the best deals to be had.

Please find below the latest LEGO deals as found by the members of HotUKDeals (HUKD):

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