The cutest Minifigure ever made by

As soon as I start to catch up on the latest minifigure products from they go and release another! Here is their press release: “Move over Mr Frosty a new cool dude is in town. Meet Mr Melty, the haphazard snowman that’s sadly been left out in the sun without any sun screen! The result is that this adorable little snowman is beginning to melt away. Leaving nothing but a puddle of dreams…

Luckily, this ‘Brrrrriliant’ little snowman is made from LEGO and not snow so we’ve included a ‘puddle’ accessory and as he comes with a double sided head, with a ‘melty’ expression on the reverse you can ‘melt’  and rebuild him as much as you like!”

img01_5_23 img03_15 img16_1_60


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