LEGO 100 Ways to Rebuild the World review

Helen Murray goes beyond the brick and offers children positive messages in LEGO 100 Ways to Rebuild the World.

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Publisher: DK Books Title: LEGO 100 Ways to Rebuild the World Author: Helen Murray

Price: £9.99 Release: October 1 

LEGO: N/A  Amazon: Available now

What’s special about LEGO 100 Ways to Rebuild the World is that it is about much than LEGO building. The whole Rebuild the World campaign is intended to make families see LEGO as a creative medium rather than a construction toy, and this book follows that lead by covering all manner of creative ideas.

The message of building a better world is strong throughout; some of the suggestions include offering a hug, passing on a positive message or hosting an award night. As society becomes more open to acknowledging how our minds develop, it is very positive to see a title that unashamedly tells children to express themselves creatively and offer tips like ‘love yourself’.

Other messages within the 96 pages focus on protecting the natural world, bringing joy to others and being curious, with creativity running throughout. Each page is illustrated by minifigures, models and fun graphics. A nice, slightly muted colour balance makes it appealing to flick through.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t building here too. Relatively simple builds are shown without instructions that should set readers on the right path to putting something together that resembles what’s on the page or deviates to something more inventive.

Unfortunately there seems to have been a problem with the printing in the review copy provided, with every single minifigure, build and element in the book featuring a slight ghosting around it. Children might not notice it, but gift-givers who might will do better to pick a copy up from a bookshop where they can check it all looks correct rather than order online.

While Rebuild the World sounds like a slightly hollow tagline when it’s part of a global marketing campaign for one of the world’s biggest toy companies, it sounds much better on the front of a book that includes notes on conservation, self care and being curious. This would be an excellent Christmas gift for a child and will get its best use as part of a ‘LEGO family’ – many of the activities seem perfect for a parent and child to do together.

This product was provided for review by DK Books.

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