LEGO 853990 Easter Bunny House review

853990 Easter Bunny House is a quick and fun set perfect for bringing some LEGO goodness into your Easter, if that’s a thing

Price: £6.99 / $7.99 / €7.99 Pieces: 57 Available: Now

Easter is fast-approaching. It’s actually still a couple of months away, but, in kinship with supermarkets releasing their Easter eggs already, the LEGO Group has already sent 853990 Easter Bunny House into the world.

By that set number alone, you can recognise that this isn’t a traditional set, a fact further reflected in its egg-shaped packaging that doubles – according to the LEGO Group’s product description – as the Easter Bunny’s house. Within the 57 pieces included are a unique Easter Bunny-costumed minifigure, a moped for her to deliver eggs around on, and a small chicken hut complete with chicken, presumably acting as the supplier of all the Easter Bunny’s eggs this year. Best get cracking then.

It’s a fun little set with a nice minifigure design and a quick collection of builds that perfectly capture the Easter period in a small and amusing way, complete with some novel packaging that can add to the play value. For £6.99 it’s an impulse purchase and one that most will probably not be able to resist.

This product was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

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