LEGO bomber is an unconventional brick artist

Durango, Colorado in the USA is home to an artist known as the LEGO bomber.

A feature by Colorado Public Radio highlights the LEGO Bomber of Durango – also known as Sam Bridgham. Completely be accident, he has found himself considered a brick artist.

“I was just really frustrated one night,” Bridgham told the reporter. “I’m lying in my bed, and I’m not ordinarily a praying man, but I gave it a try. I got nothing and just felt really irritated and decided to go vandalize something.
“I took all these LEGOs and plastered them on a post, trying to offend somebody,” he said. “And what do you know, it was wildly misinterpreted as art and here I am today.”

Since then, he has built various pieces that he then places around the town. Some of them disappear quickly, others stay in place, such as a collage in the window of a pharmacy. Senior Pharmacy Technician explained why she liked the impromptu decoration. “People ask about it and it sparks conversation,” Melissa Sullivan said.

LEGO bomber

The local newspaper has published stories about Bridgham, with him now getting commissions to build his creations. He has even been awarded a $1,000 grant to LEGO bomb Durango’s Main Avenue.

“I’m a vandal now with a budget and a license,” said the LEGO bomber. “So I’m respectable society’s worst enemy.”


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