LEGO Brawls video game receives wide release later this week

The previously Apple Arcade-exclusive

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Brawls video game will be receiving a much-anticipated wider platform release later this week.

Those gamers with access to Apple Arcade who have played

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Brawls will already know that the title is a fun platform battler packed with customisable minifigures and tongue-in-cheek humour. Originally released as a timed exclusive on the Apple service in 2019, the video game will finally be making the leap to more platforms from September 2.

Players will be able to download LEGO Brawls on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S from this Friday for some serious multiplayer mayhem. The game features multiple LEGO and licensed themes, with characters appearing from the likes of Classic Space, Alien Conquest,


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Hidden Side

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, Jurassic World,
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and many others.

A similar experience to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate title, LEGO Brawls was developed in partnership with RED Games and is a fast-paced scrapper set across multiple stages. Players literally build their own characters, adding new abilities and power-ups to their customisable minifigures as they progress through each level. In addition, LEGO Brawls is also completely free to download and play, with no in-game transactions required, and the title supports crossplay on all platforms.

Those who haven’t yet checked out the game can try a free PC demo right now, or access LEGO Brawls via a compatible Apple iOS device.

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